Need Corvus 'A2CPM.1' diskette

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Tue May 5 13:38:38 CDT 2015

I'll check and see what I have Steve, surprised you didn't directly 
email me first.

On 5/5/2015 8:07 AM, Steven Hirsch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup Apple CP/M on a Corvus Constellation II network 
> drive. This requires a support diskette labeled 'A2CPM.1' that I'm 
> unable to find anywhere.  It is most likely in Apple Pascal format and 
> contains a file named 'A2.DRVR.CPM.221' (along with several others).  
> I'm reasonably sure that the Pascal volume name will be 'A2CPM.1:', or 
> perhaps just 'A2CPM:'.
> (It is also possible that there are additional A2CPM.2 or .3 diskettes)
> There are (2) Corvus diskette images floating around the web under 
> various names that are NOT the correct ones (they're for an older 
> version of the Constellation software):
> 1. Apple Pascal format, volume name 'CSCPM:'
> 2. Apple CP/M format with BIOS source and a few utilities
> Again, neither of these is the correct one.
> I can handle any type of Apple image file format.  Would greatly 
> appreciate it if someone has these elusive items.
> Steve

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