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Have you visited Over 11k subscribers! There’s the occasional whitebox PC posted. Mostly it’s 8-bit computers though. Not too much stuff from the ‘70s or earlier gets posted.

Yes and it's a great Sub-Reddit. Here are some others

Vintage Computing 

Retro BattleStations 

Vintage Computing Literature 

History of Computers 

Vintage Apple 

Retro Gaming 

Silicon Graphics 

Amstrad Computers 

Apple II Computers 

Atari 8 Bit Computers 

Atari ST Bit Computers 

The BBC Micro 

The Commodore 64 

The DOS Gaming Group 

MSX Computers from Japan 

The Sharp X68000 from Japan 

The Texas Instruments TI99 computers 

The Radio Shack TRS80 

The ZX Spectrum

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