TD Systems TDL-11 QBUS (SCSI?) card

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Mon May 4 13:40:24 CDT 2015

On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 9:56 AM, Seth Morabito <lists at> wrote:
> No, actually it DOES work. As is often the case in these situations,
> the failure was human error. I miscounted my QBUS slots and had this
> in the A&B slots of row 5 of the backplane, with nothing in C&D -- no
> DMA grant continuity! I switched it to C&D of row 5, and now it works:
> @ 17774400/000201 400
> @ 1000g
> IAX 3.2 (C) 1984 TD Systems
>  B  Boot
>  C  Configuration
>  D  Display
>  E  Exercise
>  F  Format
>  S  SCSI Cmd
>  T  Test TDL
>  W  Write BSF
> Now getting it to talk to my SCSI ZIP disk will be another exercise
> entirely. So far it's not working, but I anticipate human error there
> as well.
> -Seth

Nice that you were able to get some basic signs of life from the
TDL-11. I don't think I tried a SCSI ZIP drive with the TDL-12, just a
standard hard drive and didn't have any issues that I can remember
getting that to work. The TDL-12 manual says it works with SCSI
addresses from 0-3. Does the SCSI ZIP drive (at least the external
one) only allow you to select SCSI address of 5 or 6, if I remember

On the TDL-12 you can configure a single physical drive to appear as
up to four RL drives. I haven't looked at the TDL-11 firmware enough
to see if it should allow the same.

If you get it all working it is a useful setup to have around since it
allows you to run older OS versions which don't have native MSCP
controller support.


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