TD Systems TDL-11 QBUS (SCSI?) card

Seth Morabito lists at
Mon May 4 01:05:44 CDT 2015

* On Sun, May 03, 2015 at 10:02:59PM -0700, Glen Slick <glen.slick at> wrote:
> "KDF11-J" what's that? Do you mean M8189 KDF11-B 11/23-PLUS?

Oops -- yes, exactly right. That's what I get for not getting
enough sleep lately. It's an M8189.

> If so, do you have the 23-380E4 & 23-381E4 (KDF11B-BH) or 23-453E4 &
> 23-454E4 (KDF11B-BJ) firmware with the MAP command? If you do then you
> should be able to use that to scan the I/O space to see where the
> TDL-11 CSR is located. The default should be 17774400. If it does not
> appear to be located there but you can identify where it is located
> maybe you can figure out how the dip switches map to the CSR address
> bits and relocate it to the standard address.

Yes, it's located at 17774400, looks like it's configured for the
default location.

> On the TDL-12 you would use ODT to write 1000-octal to the CSR base
> register and then begin execution at 1000-octal after the controller
> DMA'd the host side DMON communication code there. After disassembling
> the TDL-11 firmware it appears that you might need to write 400-octal
> to the CSR base register instead of 1000-octal to get the controller
> to DMA the DMON communication code to 1000-octal.

Drat, it doesn't seem to work. Here's the procedure I tried:

1. Halt the CPU and enter ODT
2. 17774400/000201 400
3. Set halt button back to Run
4. Examine 1000 and up... nothing there but 000000's and 177777's

> -Glen


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