PDP11GUI v1.46

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Sun May 3 21:44:10 CDT 2015

All true. However, in which way is Windows on a virtual machine any different than on a physical machine? It's just as much windows in either case.
Just saying...


Steven M Jones <classiccmp at crash.com> skrev: (4 maj 2015 03:10:52 CEST)
>>> If it ran on something, anything other than Windows….
>> Yeah.  That's my problem too... 100% UNIX/Linux here...
>> I guess there's WINE?
>Sure it might be nice if it were native to something else, but it's not
>like you can't run a Windows VM on your Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, or other
>Linux KVM, VirtualBox, VMware Fusion/Workstation, Parallels, the list
>goes on.
>Joerg didn't *have* to make it available to us on any platform,

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