Sun SparcStation 4 - Need Help to Hook up cables, & Docs

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Sun May 3 16:36:15 CDT 2015

sön 2015-05-03 klockan 15:27 -0400 skrev Kip Koon:
> Hi Guys,
> I obtained a Sun SparcStation 4 at the CoCoFEST for which I need some
> information on the proper hook up of the cables.  The SCSI cables I can
> guess, but the PS/2 cables I'm not so sure of.  There is one PS/2 connector
> on the back of the Monitor labeled A/B and on the SparcStstion itself is a
> DB25 pin connector labeled Serial A/B.  Do these connect together?  One PS/2
> connector exists on the Sparcstation so how does both the PS/2 connector on
> the Keyboard and the mouse connect to the SparcStation?  
> Also I understand that it is password protected so I need the "Super-secret"
> procedure to remove the password.  I was told this is possible.  
> Documentation in any form is quite necessary as well.  Any leads as to where
> to obtain these as well?  I haven't looked at yet, but I most
> certainly will.  Your help is most appreciated.  Thank you in advance for
> any help you can give.  Take care my friends.

The Service manual for the SS 4 is still available from (harcle ...)

A small search thru google will find it.

In fact: snarf as much doc/sw as you can.

Breaking in ? a suitable cd-reader eases the pain or is the boot monitor
(forth monitor) password protected ?
If the prom is unlocked, "boot -s" will bring up the machine in single

Or, does it boot ? try to break into it over the network.

Depending on configuration it can be easy.

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