Sun SparcStation 4 - Need Help to Hook up cables, & Docs

Jonathan Katz jon at
Sun May 3 14:36:35 CDT 2015

Hold your horses :) We'll get you squared away.

Suns of that era use a proprietary keyboard connection; nothing is PS/2.
You plug the mouse into the keyboard and then the keyboard into the system.
Older Type4 keyboards will work but you want a Type5.

The DB25 labelled A/B is a serial port with ports A & B (ttya, ttyb)
combined. Sun would sell a splitter cable. Standard cabling will give you
access to the "A" port. With no keyboard and monitor hooked up, using a
serial cable with null modem (9600-8-n-1) you should be able to get onto
the console of the system and see how it is set up.

Look at the website below, and scroll down, and you'll get some diagrams
and photos of how the back of a Sparc4 will look and what the ports will do.

The monitor should hook up via 13w3, but without a keyboard you're not
doing much of anything. On boot the Sun will search for a keyboard. If
there is none there it will change its default input/output to the serial
port (ttya which we talked about before.)

Any PS/2-style hookup on the back of a monitor may be for 3D glasses or
similar, but I'm not familiar with those setups on Sun systems.

What's the model number of the monitor? Did you get a keyboard at all?

On Sun, May 3, 2015 at 9:27 PM, Kip Koon <computerdoc at> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I obtained a Sun SparcStation 4 at the CoCoFEST for which I need some
> information on the proper hook up of the cables.  The SCSI cables I can
> guess, but the PS/2 cables I'm not so sure of.  There is one PS/2 connector
> on the back of the Monitor labeled A/B and on the SparcStstion itself is a
> DB25 pin connector labeled Serial A/B.  Do these connect together?  One
> PS/2
> connector exists on the Sparcstation so how does both the PS/2 connector on
> the Keyboard and the mouse connect to the SparcStation?
> Also I understand that it is password protected so I need the
> "Super-secret"
> procedure to remove the password.  I was told this is possible.
> Documentation in any form is quite necessary as well.  Any leads as to
> where
> to obtain these as well?  I haven't looked at yet, but I most
> certainly will.  Your help is most appreciated.  Thank you in advance for
> any help you can give.  Take care my friends.
> Kip Koon
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>  <>

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