IBM Mainframe

Ian McLaughlin ian at
Sun May 3 10:23:43 CDT 2015

> On May 3, 2015, at 8:17 AM, Lee Courtney <leec2124 at> wrote:
> Nice video, took me back to my mainframe operator days. When I make a video
> I try to adhere to three rules that greatly increase the quality and
> effectiveness:
> 1. Use a tripod - I use a couple of cell phone cameras and have tripods to
> hold them steady and keep them on-shot
> 2. Make sure you have adequate lighting - nothing worse than "here is this
> and that", but we just see black
> 3. Have a script - I write down what I want to show, sequence, and block
> and time the shots. For example, when something appears on the screen I
> make sure it stays in a shot long enough for the viewer to read.

And I would much rather a “quick-and-dirty show-me-now” cell-phone video showing me what’s going on right away, rather than wait for a slick professionally-produced correctly lit video. This is this guy’s hobby, and I appreciate *any* output and would never dream of criticizing his videographer skills.


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