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On 2015-May-02, at 5:18 PM, Chris Osborn wrote:
> On May 2, 2015, at 5:13 PM, Brent Hilpert <hilpert at> wrote:
>> You're missing the HP 9830 (which would be the first, 1972). (full tokenisation if I have your meaning correct, FP support)
>> The Wang 2000 (mid 70s) would be another I believe, if I have the model/series correct - others can speak to that one better than I can.
> Please add! It’s on Wikipedia so that other people can fill in details and make corrections.

Oh, right, I suppose.. but then I'd have to go and register with wikipedia and learn their entry system or jump through whatever hoops or what have you.

If I may offer an excuse you might appreciate, I'm busy reading the assembler source for the 1970 HP 21xx BASIC to track down a couple of issues with it.

If I may suggest, a column in the table for year of introduction might be added.

Correcting myself: The Wang 2200 (1973).
See Jim Battle's pages:

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