IBM Mainframe

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Sat May 2 14:25:31 CDT 2015

Oh was this the one on epay last week? I nearly went for that myself! I
have two (one for spares) but major issues getting it operational. I do
have pretty complete docs and software, so we should probably stay in touch!

On 2 May 2015 3:06 pm, "Guy Sotomayor" <ggs at> wrote:

> I just received my first IBM mainframe.  It's an IBM Multiprise 3000 model
> 7060-H30.  It's a a P/390 class machine.  It has 6 18GB drives and 3 9 GB
> drives.  I'll be posting some pictures on my website soon.
> Getting it home was interesting since the freight companies can't made the
> drive from the main roads to my house (curse of living out in the country)
> so I had to run down to the shipping depot (about 60 miles away) and have
> them load up the pallet into the bed of my pickup truck which meant getting
> it out without a forklift was going to be interesting!  It wasn't until I
> got home that I realized that it was packed in the original crate from
> IBM!  It even had the original uncrating instructions stuffed into the
> crate...which wasn't particularly useful!
> Overall it appears to be in really good shape.  There were also a number
> of other "goodies" in the crate including some new in the bag bus-and-tag
> cables.
> It'll be a bit before I can power it up and see what's there because I
> have to find an SVGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
> TTFN - Guy

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