RS/6000 (AIX) password reset - Linux?

supervinx supervinx at
Sat May 2 00:44:48 CDT 2015

Il giorno ven, 01/05/2015 alle 18.47 -0500, Jules Richardson ha scritto:
> So, I got a couple of RS/6000 systems (7043-140's) from another listmember 
> a while back, which I've finally got around to looking at. Both appear to 
> be working (one had a bad cache RAM connection, now fixed), although I only 
> have one drive between the two, which has AIX 4.3.2 installed.
Well, up to version 3 you could do a floppy boot.
I have 4.3.3 ISOs available, original CDs coming from one of my

399485763 2009-12-16 12:14 AIX-4.3.3-01.iso.bz2

I think it's the safest way to reset root password.

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