Place of manufacture for DEC equipment?

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Fri May 1 20:30:37 CDT 2015

Ah! I see it, stamped "AG". Cool. Thanks! Neat backstory, sounds like a
good time.



On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 8:00 PM, Don North <north at> wrote:

> On 5/1/2015 3:40 PM, Sean Caron wrote:
>> How cool, thanks, Ian! Looks like my VAX herd is mostly from Albuquerque,
>> with a few from Westfield to round out the mix. I was curious about my
>> 11/34 as well but I can't cursorily locate the serial tag on it. I'll have
>> to give it a more thorough once-over at some point ... Neat :O
> Many of the PDP-11s in the 70s/80s were built in the DEC plants in Puerto
> Rico (Aguadilla
> and San German). DEC ran their own charter aircraft between Worcester and
> Puerto Rico
> back then that carried parts and people back and forth. If I recall it was
> a Lockheed Constellation
> that had a big cargo bay amidship, and a small 6 to 8 cabin in the tail of
> the aircraft. When I
> was with the DEC PDP-11 diagnostic group back inr the late 70s I went down
> to Aguadilla on
> this aircraft to bring up the 11/60 diagnostics at the site for
> manufacturing use. Days on the
> floor helping debug issues in manufacturing, nites at the local bar on the
> beach. I just remember
> the rats in the palm trees staring down at us while we drank and ate. And
> of course snorkling
> at the beach when the weekend came.
> I believe on many of the inspection stickers you might see AG (Aguadilla)
> or SG (San German)
> and WF (Westfield, MA which did final assembly).
> Don

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