IBM 5120-troubles removing card cage

supervinx supervinx at
Fri May 1 20:15:58 CDT 2015

I feel a bit stupid, since I tore apart a lot of machines so I should be
able to remove the card cage... but...

I removed back covers and the two screws which hold the cage in place.
I pulled gently the card, and I encountered a fair amount of resistance.

Looking into the chassis (there's a hole under the cathodic tube) I
noticed that the yellow flat cable (coming from the power section)
blocked the cage on the left.

Freed the cage I couldn't extract it completely, since the cage fan
cable and a semitransparent flat cable (both disappearing internally,
can't say where by now) are very short. I was barely able to remove the
cage metal top cover.
The semitransparent flat cable starts from the I/O Cable Driver card in
the "A" position...

Am I missing something?
The manual has images of the card cage fully extracted still connected
to the cables, but I wasn't able to do this.

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