HP (3rd party) id help?

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Fri May 1 08:53:58 CDT 2015

The reason I had a suspicion about this is that the HP 2000/Access
system that Multnomah County(Oregon) Intermediate Education District
provided to schools in the county had two of these modem banks on it.
When I saw the photo you posted, the memory of this immediately clicked
in the foreground of my mind.  How I remembered that the brand name was
Racal-Vadic, I've no clue, but a quick Google led me to the page I
provided the link to.

 The computer center (as it was called then) was very much off limits to
just about anyone but the operator, but somehow (can't remember the
circumstances that led to it), I ended up amongst a privileged few that
got to take a field trip there, and I got to see both of the systems (a
2000F and the 2000/Access) and visit with the operator.  We spent the
good part of a day there, and got to see and learn a lot about what a
computer operator (there also was a small IBM 360 system...probably
something like a 360/30 there) did.  It was a memorable day.


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> Al & Rick - bingo! I found pics online, and you're definitely right -
RV VA1681C
> Sweet! Thanks a ton!
> Which begs the question - anyone have one for trade? :)
> J
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> On 4/30/15 3:05 PM, Jay West wrote:
> > I have a picture of the system racks at
> > https://www.flickr.com/photos/131070638@N02/17325691225/
> >
> Racal-Radic VA1681C
> looks like people still have em for sale on the web

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