HP 21MX Ethernet/SCSI card?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Feb 18 09:43:45 CST 2015

Johannes wrote...
I just got HP 2109 E-series which I bought from eBay last week. 
Congrats! I love those machines :)

I was planning to make own tape emulator interface for it, but I found
mystery card from it, and it could solve some of data transfering
Here's pictures of
In all my years I have never seen such a card for HP21XX machines.
Absolutely no clue.

It seems to be from 1995  what I can guess from chip date codes, but theres
no any manufacturers logos. As you can see pic, there is RJ45 and SCSI
connectors. Is this somekind of emulator board for disk drive..? Can it used
with PC (like old NetBEUI protocol) or is this for some
Computer itself is from Navy's Radcom station (made by Grumman Aerospace
Division), maybe somebody knows more of this system...
I'd have to see the card in person to guess, but I wouldn't think the RJ45
would be Ethernet. Serial management port maybe? Just a WAG...
If you're thinking of home-brewing something, I'd suggest starting with a
Microcircuit Interface board. Those boards were designed to be general
purpose interfaces and are a great starting point. Bob Shannon has a paper
tape reader/punch emulator device that works fantastic that uses one, and I
think there is an IDE drive interface floating around that may use a MCI
board as well...


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