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Some cell phones will actually present to the computer when connected USB as a dial up modem. In the past I was able to connect at 14.4kbps with one.  It has been a while though. 

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>> Hmmm, given the number of people who no longer *have* a landline, how well does a modem work with cell connection?
> I have had absolutely no luck at all getting a modem to work through a cell phone. Not even at 300 baud. No problem doing 33.6 over a VoIP connection, but modems just won’t work with a cell phone. Not by patching in through the headphone jack, not through an acoustic coupler, nothing.
> I have a standing challenge on the RetroBattlestations community ( that if someone can demonstrate getting a modem to work through a cell phone I’ll send them an entire set of retro stickers.
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