De-yellowing results

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Aug 27 14:11:55 CDT 2015

> It does look better.  Strange how the yellowing has some sort of negative psychological effect (myself included) on folks.  It would be great if you could take a similar photo every couple of months to see if/when the yellowing returns.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone document that process.  I’ve only seen anecdotes that the yellowing returns.

If I remember...

It looked amazing when I first saw it after a couple of hours in the 
sun, but it's still far from the "Platinum" (grey) color that I envisioned:

Wondering if I should have left it in the sun all day vs. just an hour 
or two. The immediate difference after the first 90 minutes was so 
dramatic that I thought it was "done".

We (MARCH) may invest in a large UV lamp and build an indoor station, 
which would be a much more controlled environment for this.

Regarding the keycaps -- Corey Cohen suggested that I remove them and 
soak them in 3% peroxide. Going to have to try that.

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