De-yellowing results

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Aug 27 13:45:50 CDT 2015

Brought my Apple //e Platinum to a MARCH workshop last weekend. We used a bottle of a "B-Blond" which I think is a woman's hair product from England. We painted it onto the computer case, wrapped the case in Saran Wrap, and left it outside in the sunlight for a few hours.

The results were dramatic.

Here's a reminder of the "before" showing the top cover. You can see the original platinum color at the bottom where it tucks into the main case. I don't have a "before" shot of the main case, but it was as badly yellowed as the top cover:

Here are some "after" shots.

1. Back at home. Notice color difference vs. the disk drives and system saver --

2. Up-close. See the streaking and slight blotches? I believe that's from where the sunlight was blocked by trees (as the sun moved vs. the horizon that afternoon) and also from where the Saran Wrap bunched up in a few places --

3. De-yellowed case on the right. Case on the left is from another Platinum in the MARCH collection. I did a quick-and-dirty de-yellowing of the left half of that one, just to show another before/after shot. Prior to experimenting on it, this is the one that Ian Primus and others used for pranking me by swapping it with mine, overnight while I slept! :)  --

So my computer isn't perfect and never will be, but overall it was a successful experiment.

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