HP2000 TSB Contributed Library

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Nov 17 08:55:53 CST 2014

Curious if anyone might remember this.


On the HP2K TSB system I used in high school, there was a system library
program to assist with what we then called "spot plotting". This is what
allowed you to position the cursor anywhere on the screen (given a terminal
specific library of control codes for each terminal).


All I can remember was that the system library program was called something
like $PLOT or $ZPLOT or something similar. It was something to the effect of
a different string with the control codes for each terminal, and the
substring positions matched up with the row/column you wanted to go to. So
printing A$(3,1);A$(8,1) or similar positioned the cursor at row 3 column 8.
I'm sure this description isn't completely correct but it was something
similar to that.


I've looked through the HP Contributed library and while I can find a number
of programs named similar to PLOT, none of them seem to provide this
functionality. Perhaps it was site specific, but I'm wondering if anyone
remembers anything like this and can shed light on it? I think it was a
program stub that you "APP-" to your program, not sure.





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