pdp11/93 DB9 rs232 pinout

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    > From: Roe Peterson

    > Can anyone point me at the pinouts for the KDJ11-E pdp11/93 DB9 rs232
    > connectors for the extra 7 (simulated) DL11s?

Alas, documentation on the 11/93-94 seems to be very scarce on the ground.
(And, just for grins, the page in the 11/94 User Guide which has the 
section -
1.2.6 - which talks, however briefly, about that panel - pg. 1-4 - is 
from all the online copies of that manual which I checked.)

The only thing I can suggest is that if you actually have the cable, the
pinout on the board is given in the KDJ11-E User's Guide (EK-KDJ1E-UG-001,
available online), on pg. 88-91 (aka 2-13 to 2-16), and an ohm-meter and 
time will give you the pinout of one of the DB9's - presumably they are all
the same, from there.


I have that manual, I am not sure whether it is missing page 1-4. I will 
If I have that page, I will scan it and email it to Al.

Jjust a few months ago, I wanted to connect a VT510 to the console port.
All connectors are DE-9, and I *assume* that they all have the same pinout.
What worked for me is the "VAX console cable", in other words: that DE-9
connectors is NOT "PC alike"! You can find the VAX console cable pinout on
the web. You only need to wire RXD, TX and GND.

- Henk, PA8PDP 

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