TU58 was: VAX 11/730 Documentation

Simon Claessen simski at dds.nl
Mon Nov 10 01:44:29 CST 2014

to change the subject yet again, be careful with that tu58 eugene! the 
rubber rollers seem to have desintegrated into som gum or glue. stick in 
a known good tape and it will be ruined forever.

I have been thinking about making an Arduino sketch to generate the 
blocks for a new tape, but a olivetti programma 101 with quirks and a 
pdp8 with faulty core are standing in queu before that...

On 10-11-14 01:04, shadoooo wrote:
> Hello,
>  > I haven't booted my machine up yet, because it hasn't been able to
> read any of its console tapes.
> I have too a lot of tapes, complete and uncomplete sets of software
> installation tapes,
> plus two/three console versions and some with unknown content.
> The problem is, many of them suffer from sticky rubber on tape (if you
> try to move the rubber leader,
> it will create blank spots on tape, removing the magnetic oxide substrate).
> Other have a broken band. I read somewhere around, it is possible to
> detach the rubber band using hot air,
> and replace it with some sort of PVC strings. I would need a lot of time
> to try something... but the bigger problem is not this...
> I don't have a TU58 to be used on the desk to try to read the tapes, and
> even better to assemblòe a new firmware allowing to format
> blank tapes.
> I'm trying to buy some piece of hardware since a lot of time... no luck
> so far.
> If anybody has a TU58, or parts, please let me know.
> Andrea

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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