FCO for KDA50-Q?

Nigel Williams nw at retroComputingTasmania.com
Sun Nov 2 22:22:28 CST 2014

I have some Emulex SD590 drives which require a controller like the
DEC KDA50-Q (M7164+M7165) or KDA50-QA.

I found a KDA50-Q controller on eBay, but also discovered that the
KDA50-Q has a rather bad (show-stopper) bug that was fixed in later
revisions, detailed here:


>From that description I understand I need either revision D1 or D2 of
the M7164 module. What should I be looking for on the board that would
indicate it has had the FCO applied? is it an option to re-program the
6 PROMs that appear to be involved?

Alternatively, if anyone has the two board set (M7164 and M7165 joined
with the 40-pin and 50-pin cables) along with the cab-kit up for sale
I would be interested in discussing further.

Ps Thanks Jay for getting cctalk back online, well done!

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