X11R3 source, patches for IBM RT?

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sun Nov 2 18:13:23 CST 2014

I'm working on a project relating to the IBM RT, where the original vendor distribution is not available (or hasn't been un-lost yet, and the "supported" release is X11R2 anyway). Do any of the much esteemed list members have in their posession a distribution of the X11R3 source? Preferrably one contemporary to the period when it would have actually been in use?

I have the source generously provided by X.org, but it seems a bit poorly curated and I'm not sure of its actual provenance. There are more than a few files which have much newer modification times than I would expect, and very few of the IBM-provided source patches for bug fixes (which I do have) will apply. In some cases the code is not even remotely similar. So... since I've run into trouble with the X server built from this source, I'm looking for a second opinion in the form of an X11R3 source distribution that has a known provenance.

Apparently there were also >700k of patches for X11R3 that MIT provided on the RT, which are mentioned in an IBM TSB. Of course now those published sources are no longer active, and I have no way of knowing whether they're already applied to the X11R3 source at X.org. From the IBM TSB:

--begin quote--
"Note that X11 release 3 distribution and the improvements made since
the release of X11r3 for the IBM RT are NOT AVAILABLE from either
the host ibmsupt, IBM's Advanced Workstations Division (Palo Alto),
or the ACSC. These are only availble directly from MIT, or other
locations on the Internet as described below.

The latest IBM/4.3 code (patches, etc.) is available via anonymous ftp
from expo.lcs.mit.edu, the file name is:


The size of this file it is about 730k. The Scheifler et al announcement
--end quote--

If anybody knows of an archive where a copy of those patches might be found, that would be tremendous. So far I've come up empty-handed. Everything at MIT I've found is X11R4 or newer. Everybody seems to have been in a big rush to forget the older versions (possibly I could not blame them for that).

Anyone? X11R3 source and/or RT patches? Thanks!


until further notice

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