Anyone have a spare DECstation in europe for a developer?

David Brownlee abs at
Mon Dec 29 05:30:34 CST 2014

On 29 December 2014 at 00:31, emanuel stiebler <emu at> wrote:
> On 2014-12-28 14:56, David Brownlee wrote:
>> Björn Johannesson has been working on the VAX framebuffer and keyboard
>> code in NetBSD to get X running on the LCG equipped machines (like the
>> VAXstation 4000/VLC and 4000/60).
>> He's expressed an interest in looking at some issues in the DECstation
>> X11 code, but doesn't have access to an appropriate machine.
> which DECstation, and which Graphic adapter?
> There where quite a few different ones on the TURBOChannel,
> from the very dumb frame buffer to the 3d ones ...

My initial thoughts would be a nice little 3100 or possibly a 2100
with the simple framebuffer, but obviously the goal would be to
support whatever is available.

If someone has a spare high end TURBOChannel framebuffer and a machine
to match (less likely I think) then the go-to guy for interesting
NetBSD display drivers would be USA based Michael Lorenz (accelerated
anti-aliased sparc console fonts anyone?)

He is currently working on a NetBSD port for the new MIPS Creator CI20
reference platform, so is at least already in MIPS land :)


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