PDP-8fest @ VCF East?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Dec 28 20:32:09 CST 2014

Here's something you do not see every day.

There are four people interested in bringing a variant of PDP-8 to VCF 
East next spring (April 17-19).

On the PDP-8 front, so far only David Gesswein is registered; others 
will be soon.

It would be very cool if there were LOTS of PDP-8 computers at the show, 
in honor of the original Straight-8's 50th anniversary. (We invited 
Gordon Bell, who said he's unable to attend that weekend. Darn.)

So: if you've got a PDP-8 of any flavor, and you've always dreamed of 
showing it off and/or attending a VCF, now's your chance. Paging all the 
California and Boston people!!!!  :)

Overall exhibits so far are here: 
http://www.vintage.org/2015/east/exhibit.php -- we're expecting 30 or so 
by April.

There will also be a dozen or more technical classes on Friday, April 
17. So far only one is posted, but we've got most of the others almost 
determined, and those will be posted soon.

Keynoters for the weekend are Ted Nelson (Saturday) and Bob Frankston 

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