ISO Applied Microsystems EL 1600 Emulator Documentation

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Dec 28 13:00:21 CST 2014

In the early 90's Applied Microsystems updated their 16 bit emulators with a 68020 processor and
ethernet. The original had a 6809 as the emulation processor. There is almost nothing about these
on the net, there was apparently a EL 3200 version which supported Intel. This may have been a
short lived product since they switched to BLM and other serial products around then.

Main interest is I discovered I have one, most of my AMC boxes are ES 1800 (serial 6809) and
wanted to try to use it. It's possible they switched to some proprietary undocumented protocol
on the other hand. Their product part numbering is cryptic, to say the least. I have two units
that look indentical on the outside (later plastic cases with the carrying handle) and the
emulation processors in them are 6809 in one (the Z8001 one) and 68xxx in the other (the
68000 one, pn. 750-01600-00). Looking on eBay, it appears the 32 bit units are pn 750-13200-xx for example

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