DEC printsets on line why not AFS

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Fri Dec 26 10:27:35 CST 2014

tis 2014-12-23 klockan 13:07 -0500 skrev Sean Caron:
> I used to administer an AFS cell at U-M and I know it well... I have a
> strong appreciation for the sophistication of some of the features, but
> it's probably not the most practical distribution mechanism...
> Yes, you can pull it directly out of apt on Debian-style Linux (and I
> assume similar for RHEL derived distributions) and getting the client up on
> Windows or Mac OS X these days is pretty easy too, esp. if the volume and
> file is just globally readable and you don't need to configure Kerberos...
> but I imagine most people already have a browser or at least an FTP client
> already installed and casually available... who wants to install OpenAFS to
> get to one file?

One file only ? Why only one file.

Agreed, configuring AFS then the reason is distributing one single file
nd which is non-changing, is a bit of over-kill (hmm, in this audience
is a number of people who likes to fix old junk for example Tony with
his HP calculator fixation.) I think he likes to do it, and i do think
that it exists people who enjoys configuring and supporting AFS. :-)
Silly critter.

AFS as a distribution mechanism when that single file changes often ,
that is something else.

Yes, i'm thinking about bitsavers (as an example.)

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