My take on the FDADAP WAS: Wooden case for DBit power

Ali cctalk at
Thu Dec 25 22:05:11 CST 2014

> Finally feeling guilty enough about stringing a bunch of expensive
> electronic bits out on my bench whenever time came to use an 8" disk
> drive, I mounted my DBit-sourced parts and power supply into a case.

First off merry Christmas to everyone and happy non-denominational holidays to everyone else! :)

After seeing the above post I decided it was time I got off my rear end and finished many of these projects I have laying around the house. One such project is getting my 8" drives up and running so I can duplicate/preserve some SW for my IBM 5110/5120 machines and 5322s. The other project is to finally start my web site (generously provided by Jay!). I am glad to say I got a bit of both completed:

My apologies for the boorish prose and the non-professional pictures; however, I think the FDADAP came out nice if I do say so myself!

Comments, criticisms, tips, and general wailing welcome!


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