Wanted: MLR1 Cleaning Cartridge and/or Media

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Tue Dec 23 15:51:16 CST 2014

Classic Computer Fans,

My IBM 9406-270 came with an internal MLR1 tape drive.  I recently acquired
a tape to test it with.  I was able to initialize the tape and save/restore
a small test library without errors.  I ran a read/write reliability test
and that failed.  It said it was a 95% chance that it's a hardware problem
and a 5% chance it's a media problem.  The drive is asking to be cleaned.
I'm hoping that it's a media problem or that the drive just needs to be
cleaned.  Does anyone have an MLR/SLR cleaning cartridge and/or any MLR1
media to spare?


Bruceville, TX

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