Need HVPS for old Laserjet IIp printer

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Sun Dec 21 16:07:03 CST 2014

Today I took the printer apart all the way down to the HVPS (the very last board in the bottom) and it looks like one LV electrolytic leaked (fishy smell, sticky stuff on board). It’s a significantly more complex board than I thought, with several transformers for generating various voltages. I would hate to put it all back together after replacing the cap and find out it still doesn’t work...Mike, sent you a PM, I would like to try your board.thanks.----------------------------I've got a IIp (no +) that's destined for the scrapper that was working last 
time I tried it a few years back; if it's the same PS, no one else offers 
one, and you're not in a hurry, send me a reminder off-list.

I'm in Toronto; a little closer than Brazil but probably not much cheaper, 
shipping-wise ;-)


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I’m trying to find the high voltage power supply board for my old LaserJet 
IIp+ printer.
Several places claim to sell them, but as soon as you order, within a day or 
two, they are mysteriously “out of stock, sorry for the error”.
A good used one would be fine.
thanks for any help.

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