PDP-8 for sale

Sean Caron scaron at umich.edu
Sun Dec 21 10:41:09 CST 2014

Yeah I saw the GIGI too... neat, but... not quite THAT neat. There is
definitely some interesting stuff up there right now, but the prices are
off the wall. Everything is overpriced. I think it's just the holidays.
Figure I'll wait it out and see what happens in 2015. I got lucky on eBay a
few times already this year ;)

And yeah, the amount of Socket 7 motherboards, PC video cards, just total
junk you have to wade through to find the really interesting stuff... is
only growing. Makes me regret EVERYTHING I've ever thrown away, basically.
The contents of my garbage can ten years ago were often more interesting
than what passes for listings on eBay these days.



On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 11:31 AM, Al Kossow <aek at bitsavers.org> wrote:

> On 12/21/14 8:23 AM, jim s wrote:
>  I guess I should dig out my GIGI if the price he is asking is any
>> indication.
>> Jim
> Pricing and the quality of stuff has gone cuckoo there.
> The 'Vintage Computing' section is now filling up with AGP cards, VGA
> cables,
> and $100 386SX boards. One whole section now is pretty much nothing but
> late 90's
> Mac swag.

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