VT220? Re: Esprit Sytems Inc. Opus 220 Terminal SM needed..

Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Wed Dec 17 14:33:18 CST 2014

>there is a website (http://www.com-com.co.uk/hp/partlist/0001809.ihtml) 
>taht lists the Totoku 1-458-058-03 FBT as Part for the VT220. I've checked
>the technical Manual from Manx and it doesn't seem that this  could be the
>original part.
>The Totoku 1-458-058-03 is for PCB Mount and the FBT in the VT220 seems to
>be mounted to the chassis and connected to the PCB with wires.
>Next thing is, the primary at least seems not to be exactly the same.
>Is there some aditional Information available about replacement of an
>VT220 FBT with the Totoku 1-458-058-03 (TMF-2500B)?

I have two VT220s. One of them has a PCB mounted flyback transformer, the other
one has it on the chassis connected via wires.  Mine have these part numbers:

16-26299-01 (probably the PCB mounting one)

Apart from the mounting, they look very similar.  I examined the two PCBs and
I couldn't find any component differences but I could have missed something.

One of mine has failed, most likely the transformer is the problem.  I think it
is the PCB mounted one but it was a while ago and I forget the details now. I
went looking for a replacement but I didn't manage to find one at the time.

Peter Coghlan.

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