Esprit Sytems Inc. Opus 220 Terminal SM needed..

Holm Tiffe holm at
Wed Dec 17 10:10:48 CST 2014

Hi guys,

sometimes in the past I've reapired some OPUS 220 Terminals from
Esprit Systems Inc, Melville NY for an other company.
(I still have one left over that still works and I want to keep it for
my 11/83)

>From that time I still have new 3 Flyback Transformers here,
and now I have to repair another Terminal (some Siemens Device) where the
original FBT is sold out everywhere.

I'm now searching for the display schematic part with the FBT from the Opus
220 Terminal to look if I could transplant one from the new FBTs to the
Siemens Monitor.

Sure, I could do some reverse engeneering in the Opus Terminal but
hopefully one has what I need already?

Thanks in advance,

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