Anyone have a spare Apple IIgs power supply?

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>>>>> I'm not sure what the formulation was in the past but denatured 
>>>>> alcohol nowadays is just ethanol with maybe 5-10% methanol added. 
>>>>> You definitely shouldn't be drinking it (in vivo, methanol is 
>>>>> metabolized to formaldehyde via oxidative reduction - formaldehyde 
>>>>> attacks the optic nerve - which is why drinking wood methanol makes 
>>>>> you go blind) but other than that, I wouldn't say it's particularly 
>>>>> more harmful to you, boards or components than isopropanol is. You 
>>>>> wouldn't want to drink that, either!
>>>> Wikpedia references EU Regulation 162/2013, which gives the various
>>>> recipes
>>>> across the EU:
>>>> OJ:L:2013:049:0055:0061:EN:PDF
>>>> Taking a random sample from a few different countries, the basic 
>>>> recipe seems to be 1% mixed crud to make it unpalatable, up to 10% 
>>>> methanol, and the rest ethanol.  The ethanol and methanol will 
>>>> evaporate readily enough, but I'd be somewhat concerned about residue 
>>>> left from non-volatile components of the 1%.
>>>> It's not like isopropanol is terribly expensive or difficult to get 
>>>> hold of.  I can order ten litres of it from Amazon £28.66 with free 
>>>> delivery. If anything, it seems to be slightly cheaper than meths.
>>> just just acetone… it works the best anyways.
>> Sure...if you want to dissolve the epoxy substrate, any number of 
>> plastic or rubber-like compounds (capacitor end seals, anyone?), or the 
>> enamel coating on magnet wire...
> I thought he was joking? I hope nobody would use acetone! LOL

For some applications you can get away with a mix of acetone/isopropyl as 
a flux remover, but you have to be extremely careful what you clean with 
it. Acetone will also damage the PVC insulation of most hookup wire. Crazy 
as it is, the State of California forbids the use of undiluted isopropyl 
alcohol as an electronics cleaner. They 
suggest diluting it by 25% with either water or acetone. You can't buy 
190-proof (95% pure ethanol) Everclear in California either, which is my 
go-to cleaner for laser optics. For optics cleaning, the 151-proof (75%) 
stuff won't cut it since unlike 95%, it leaves a residue behind as it 

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