Favourite text based word processing software

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> On 12/14/2014 09:10 AM, Peter Coghlan wrote:
> > Many years after performing this somewhat less than useful task, my
> advice is:
> > don't write your word processor in FORTRAN IV on an IBM S/370.

Having written X.25 Networking Software in Fortran-77 on an IBM 370 (among
other systems) because my employer wanted it to be portable I think a line
mode editor in Fortran might be fun. 

On the other hand I think your experience with Fortran programming at
College is typical of that many received. I remember the classes when I was
an under graduate at Newcastle upon Type poly. Too many students and
inexperienced staff meant many never really learned Fortran properly.
Fortunately I had already learnt Fortran II  at school when was 17 , and
Fortran 77 was a simple upgrade.....


> On the other hand, WPs can be written quite successfully in BASIC running
> a 3.5MHz 8085, given the necessary "hooks" (e.g. direct video displays).
> Pretty much full-featured too, with font changes and all of the usual
> --Chuck

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