Looking for Stanford Ethernet AppleTalk Gateway (SEAGATE) source code

Michael Engel engel at multicores.org
Sat Dec 13 23:48:31 CST 2014


according to 
Bill Croft at Stanford developed an Ethernet to Apple LocalTalk gateway
that ran on the original SUN 68000 CPU board.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the files mentioned in that post on any info-mac
mirror (or somewhere else on the net):

"The beta release of our Stanford Ethernet - AppleTalk Gateway
(SEAGATE) is ready.  On [SUMEX]<info-mac> the files are:

	seagate.ms	documentation in -ms format
	seagate.hard	the wirelist for the applebus interface
	seagate.shar1	the main gateway sources (including the above doc's)
	seagate.shar2	the ddt, dlq, testscc, and tftp subdirectories"

If you happen to have these lying around in a dusty corner, I would be happy
to obtain a copy.

According to Wikipedia, this code also was the basis for the commercial 
Kinetics FastPath gateway product: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FastPath

Best wishes,

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