Favourite text based word processing software

mark at markesystems.com mark at markesystems.com
Sat Dec 13 19:29:46 CST 2014

Ian King <isking at uw.edu> suggested:
> For low resource AND cognitive overhead, how about using either LaTeX or
> HTML tagging, which could then be interpreted in a simple mapping table 
> for
> a given printer?  By not implementing all of the bells and whistles of
> either syntax, one could create something that's lightweight and
> sufficiently expressive.

Or how about MarkDown?  A combination of this (for in-line emphasis or font 
changes) and perhaps some beginning-of-line dot-commands (like runoff, and 
also in WordStar) would likely be adequately expressive (I've done entire 
reference manuals using only MarkDown), easy to implement, and easy to parse 
for formatted output (printed, HTML, or whatever).
Mark Moulding

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