Problem Installing Ultrix on DECstation 2100

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Dec 13 18:17:52 CST 2014

(apologies to those on the DecTec list, looking to widen the audience)


I am struggling to surmount a problem installing Ultrix 4.5 from a CD-ROM
onto a DECstation 2100 (MIPS)

After choosing the type of installation (basic or advanced) it tries to
offer the system disk selection. However, it keeps failing because it is
detecting the CD-ROM drive and saying it has an invalid block size. I can
hear it spin up the hard disk that I want to install on, so it should be
finding a suitable hard disk, but it looks like it keeps choking on the
CD-ROM drive. I can't tell if it is failing to see the hard disk properly,
but when I tried NetBSD on the same disk, and in the same machine, it is
fine, so the hard disk shouldn't be the problem.


Any ideas on how to resolve this?






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