Wanted - Tandy/RadioShack Prototype boards

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Dec 12 12:57:05 CST 2014

    > From: Sean Caron

    > I can offer a seller endorsement; I've bought VAXen and VAX parts from
    > them quite a few times and they ship quick & are easy to work with...
    > they also are good about accepting reasonable offers on items. I have
    > no clue who that individual is but they have a huge stash of neat stuff
    > they are selling off...

Oh, ComUsed/TopLine! Yes, they are really quite good, along all axes. I deal
with them a great deal, it seems like I drive up to DC about once a month to
pick up large/heavy items from them! :-)

Their place is pretty amazing - it looks like something out of one of the
seedy backwaters from a William Gibson book; on the inside, it's stacked to
the rafters (literally!) with old stuff (albeit considerably better organized
than the typical Gibson gomi collector's :-).
Their business is buying and selling used computer stuff; e.g. they do a lot
of business in used printers. Much of the large amount of PDP-11/VAX/DEC stuff
they have/had came from the estate of a major DEC collector who died; somewhat
to their amazement, I think, they've found that it sells well! I have the
impression they've picked up other groups of stuff too, although none as large
as that.

They tend not to have complete systems of any size (some smallish LSI11's is
about it), they don't have a lot of room; but the prices are usually hard to
beat. Can definitely recommend them, along all axes.


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