BDV11 ROM programs?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Dec 11 11:58:34 CST 2014

Does anyone know of anything that documents the contents of the various BDV11
ROMs? In particular, I'm interested in learning what the various halt
locations imply.

Yes, I know, I could dump them, and disassemble them, but I'm hoping to avoid
all that hard work... :-)

There seem to be two different ROM sets; 23-046E2/23-045E2, which seem to be
an earlier set, as they only understand 56KB of memory; and a later set,
SG8326-339E2 and SG8330-340E2 (which might not be DEC standard, the numbers on
them are 'odd' - although they might be 23-339E2/23-340E2, the boot ROMs from
the 11/23+), which understand up to 4MB of memory.

(Interestingly, the latter set are on Intel D2716s, EPROMs, unlike the earlier
ones, which are plain PROMs.)

Thanks in advance for any help!


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