Wooden case for DBit power and signal adapters - and a drive too

David Schmidt david at attglobal.net
Thu Dec 11 09:04:07 CST 2014

Finally feeling guilty enough about stringing a bunch of expensive 
electronic bits out on my bench whenever time came to use an 8" disk 
drive, I mounted my DBit-sourced parts and power supply into a case. 
And the power+smarts sled slides in and out and has little feet on the 
bottom so it can be re-used with other loose 8" drives too.  Some 
pictures with the least-intrusive Google Drive URLs I could manage:

The sled that holds the repurposed PC power supply, FDDC power 
converter, and FDADAP signal adapter:
The FDADAP doesn't have great mounting capabilities, so I just made a 
little edge holder out of wood for it.

This slides into a cabinet (made of wood scraps...) so that it sits 
above the floppy drive it's powering:

And of course what olden tech thing would be complete without a shiny 
red button?

There's room/depth on the front for a bezel, but I'm not sure I'll bother:

Yeah, the digits on the FDADAP are upside down the way everything ended 
up being oriented, but I don't suppose I'll be looking at the back from 
now on.

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