Strange i-con Unibus (?) board

Pete Turnbull pete at
Tue Dec 9 03:01:41 CST 2014

On 09/12/2014 07:55, Göran Axelsson wrote:
> Another computer with similar SIP hybrides is the ND-5000 and they are
> found on several places in the CPU, for instance in the
>   - MMU,
>   - ALU
>   - Micro program instruction controller
> My guess is that they are fast memory modules

Maybe, but SIPPs (as I've usually seen them called, to distinguish them 
from SIPs: see below) are just SIMMs that have pins.  They were once 
moderately common in 256K and 1M sizes and I've seen a number of 
286/386-era PCs that used them.  I have a few here (SIPPs, not the PCs), 
and a couple of MXV11-Bs.  They're no faster than common SIMMs of the 
same vintage.

There's also a once-common type of chip - most commonly memory chips - 
that are SIP (not SIPP) packages as opposed to DIP packages.  I have a 
few machines that use those, too.


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