Holiday Music Week on RetroBattlestations

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Mon Dec 8 19:05:34 CST 2014

It's Holiday Music Week on RetroBattlestations, where people submit videos of their old computers playing music! Play some music with your PDP on an AM radio, enter your favorite scores into Music Construction Set, or fire up a Christmas demo! You can choose any holiday music from the traditional or the not so traditional, but, in order to be eligible though, you have to submit a song that hasn't already been submitted.

There's prizes of vinyl stickers and reddit gold, but like most every challenge on RetroBattlestations, it's more about showing off your computers and that they still work. You can get more details here:

And for anyone that hasn't seen it before, here's a mashup of most of last year's entries playing Linus & Lucy.

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