Help with a busted MSV11-L?

Sean Caron scaron at
Sun Dec 7 09:32:46 CST 2014

Something like a 74LS373, that's still in production and commonly
available; you can get it from Jameco, Digi-Key, Mouser, etc. I don't think
there's really any difference in quality between manufacturers these
days... if you go to Jameco the manufacturer is often "TBD" anyway, LOL.

I would replace all with "LS" parts, don't bother trying to find an exact
replacement for that 74S part.

Some people really like to put a socket in when they replace an IC. I
suppose people figure if it failed once it could fail again, and of course
you want to limit the amount soldering/desoldering so you don't damage the
board... I think it's really personal preference; I think the MTBF on
whatever IC you've replaced is going to be pretty high... if you do go
ahead and put a socket in there, be sure to check vertical clearance and
also I think it's worth spending the extra pennies for a nice turned-pin
socket... much nicer than the stamped-pin sockets and they'll hold up
better over the long run.



On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 8:38 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at>

> PS: When buying replacement chips, since many are NOS, which manufacturers
> should be avoided, and which are good? I recall there was some discussion
> on
> here a while back about the topic of which vendors seemed to have the most
> problems with chips failing, but I can't find it (and a bit of Google
> searching couldn't turn up anything on the topic - all my searches turned
> up
> too much other stuff).
> And should I always install the replacements in sockets, or is it OK to
> just
> go ahead and solder them straight in? (The socket obviously doesn't cost
> much, and I'm less likely to damage the chip installing it like that, and
> of
> course if I get it in and it's U/S, it's easy to swap out from a socket,
> but
> I'm wondering if the use of a socket has any downside, electrically.)
> Again, thanks for any advice (and I won't be surprised if the last starts
> the usual debate... :-)
>         Noel

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