HP Interex & HP1000 Contributed Library

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Dec 5 12:27:39 CST 2014

I'm not sure I ever posted this publicly, never went out of my way to do so
in any case.


The HP Interex and HP 1000 Contributed Library website (I think it was
interex.org) went down quite a few years ago, and I managed to scarf a
complete copy of the site after the pending turnoff was announced but before
it went dark.


This content is all at http://www.classiccmp.org/interex


There are two folders: One is the proceedings, slideshows, etc. of all the
HP Interex meetings and the other is the entire HP CSL for HP1000.


As usual, please do not rape the content. If you need more than a few files
here and there please contact me off-list to arrange a hard drive swap, etc.





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