R: The 9406-270 Has Arrived!!

Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at tin.it
Fri Dec 5 10:10:04 CST 2014

Did you install 2 hard disks with the specific as/400 firmware and geometry

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I replied to you privately before noticing you'd also sent your reply to the
list.  I see private replies before list replies since mail from this list
gets sorted into its own mailbox.  I'll reply here too in case anyone else
has any suggestions.  If replying to the list there's no need to also send
me a private reply.

On Fri, Dec 05, 2014 at 04:43:50PM +1300, Mike Ross wrote:

> Kevin, are you *sure* you have the terminal plugged in to port 0 of 
> the first controller? It *has* to be there to be a console...

There is only one twinax card in my 270 and I only have one terminal
connected which is connected to port 0.  From the terminal under setup I
checked and it shows it's set up as display 0.  So the terminal is display 0
on port 0.

> That moving of the cursor should be followed by messages in due 
> course; it can be a *very* long IPL...

I may just need to give it more time.  I think with my first IPL attempt I
let it run for over an hour.  This is my first attempt at IPLing one of
these boxes from CDROM so I have no idea how long it usually takes.  At work
I've only had the opportunity to IPL from DASD after the OS was installed,
usually after full backups.


Bruceville, TX

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