The 9406-270 Has Arrived!!

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Thu Dec 4 21:31:30 CST 2014

Fellow Classic Computer Enthusiasts,

My 9406-270 has arrived.  It was strapped to a small pallet with more bubble
wrap around it than I think I've ever seen before.  Somehow the pallet just
fit in the back of my mini-van so the freight company was able to load it in
there with a fork lift.

I got it home and into my living room.  It came without drives so I'm having
to start from scratch.  I have two drives in slots one and two, and think I
have the twinax console connected correctly.  It appears to IPL from CDROM
but I'm not getting anything on the console other than the cursor moving
from the upper right corner of the screen to the upper left corner of the
screen after about twenty minutes of occasional CDROM activity.  Does anyone
have any pointers for a newbie at installing OS/400, or whatever V5R4 is
called.  I wish IBM would stop changing perfectly good OS and hardware


Bruceville, TX

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