36bit still in use ?

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From: Phil Budne
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> Personally, I'd be more interested in hearing more about the "TOAD-2"
> controllers used in current XKL equipment, starting with:

I'm not sure I'd agree with the designation "controller".

> Is the TOAD-2 a PDP-10 clone, as the TOAD-1 is?

The Toad-2 is an extended Toad-1 clone.  It puts the entire Toad-1
multi-board system with improvements into a single FPGA.

> Is it running TOPS-20 (or some subset)?

It's running a slightly later version of TOPS-20 than the Toad-1 which
employs the architectural enhancements of the Toad-2.

> If not, is it a self-hosting system (is development for the platform
> done on a TOAD-2) or is it an embedded processor, with binaries being
> cross compiled on some other platform?

Ralph has told us that (at least at one time) Toad-2 systems were being
used by (some of) the engineers as development platforms, so I would
call the Toad-2 self-hosting.

>From what Roy Hirst has said, that may no longer be true, but I have no
information on that point.


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