36bit still in use ?

Rich Alderson RichA at LivingComputerMuseum.org
Thu Dec 4 14:52:47 CST 2014

From: Roy Hirst
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2014 9:00 AM

> I don't know where you would actually buy a TOAD-1 (almost certainly not
> from us, I think, but I will check) and our last one I suspect is the
> one proud in baby blue on the Museum's video.

Hi, Roy,

The colors in the video must be off.  It's definitely not baby blue, more
like a true sapphire.

Only four Toad-1 systems left XKL while we still offered them for sale:
Two were purchased by BT/Tymnet (one in private hands, one discarded by
people who did not know what it was), one went to Digital (now at CHM),
and one was purchased by Paul Allen for his Wired World project (now at
LCM).  One more later went to a friend of the family known for collecting

Purchasing one would probably be difficult. :-)


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