is there any word processing software for the pdp11?

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>>> I used Multics Emacs
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>> If it ran on Multics, I find myself wondering if it ran on GCOS-8.
The only thing we used on our Multics 6180 was the Cobol compiler. 
Multics did not have one at the time, and I don't know if anyone ported 
one after the 75 timeframe I was using it.

FWIW, the Multics Simulator which uses the sources and binaries posted 
by Al is coming along nicely.  It has limited ring1 admin running (with 
bugs) on the console.  They also were able to take the release they had 
and do the multics equivalent of creating a boot tape.

There are a myriad of bugs to fix, but an amazing amount works now.

At the time I was on Multics, in 75, I think all the people working on 
Emacs used the MIT machine for development.  Also Macsyma was being 
developed and hosted on Multics.

> I can't say.  It was written in Multics MACLISP, so if *that* ran on
> GCOS...
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